When I started my career, video production wasn’t even on the radar. But three years after college, I learned on the job as executive producer for a series of videos that took my crew and me from coast to coast. Later, I specialized in video news release production for an international marketing communications firm, and eventually worked as a full-time writer/producer for an award-winning production company. 
With collaborators like KC-based Hawleywood Films and Seattle voiceover talent Jim Cissell, I’m confident I can assemble a crew that rivals any in the nation to create the video assets you need for your company or organization.
"Kevin is the kind of guy you wish all your clients were like. Personable, punctual, professional, always ready with a kind word and ready laugh. I have narrated about a dozen commercials, documentaries, and videos for Kevin—and not once have I heard him utter an unkind word. That's got to be some kind of record."
—Jim Cissell, voiceover and on-camera talent at VoiceGuy.com, Seattle
"His work on our promotional corporate video for Byeway Books as writer, producer and director resulted in a finished product that far exceeded our expectations. Our video was the hit of the international partners meeting!"
—Phil Reynolds, former creative director at Byeway Books, current senior vice president of marketing for Sunflower Bank, N.A., Kansas City

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